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Fee Structure

          Section 1307 of the Right-To-Know Law (“RTKL”) requires the Office of Open Records to establish a fee structure for Commonwealth Agencies and Local Agencies. To promote uniformity among all agencies, the Office of Open Records encourages Judicial and Legislative agencies, which can set their own fees, to adopt the following fee structure. All agencies are advised that duplication fees can be waived.

          The Office of Open Records establishes the following fee structure in accordance with the law.  The Law requires that the Office of Open Records review the fee structure biannually.

OOR Fee Structure

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Enhanced Electronic Access Fees

Pursuant to Section 1307(e) of the RTKL, the Office of Open Records must approve of the user fees established for enhanced electronic access.

Below are the approvals that the OOR have issued to date:

Final Determination 2009-0282: Dean - Lycoming County – Issued 05/29/2009

Department of State – Approved 05/29/2009

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources – Issued 05/12/2011