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Right-to-Know Uniform Request Form

Right-to-Know Uniform Request Form -   revised March 2014

Guide for Electronically Using the OOR Uniform Request Form -

Response Forms for Agencies

Right-to-Know Sample Granted Request Form  -   revised December 2012

Right-to-Know Sample Granted in Part/Denied in Part Form  -

   revised December 2012 

Right-to-Know Sample Denial Form  -    revised December 2012

Right-to-Know Sample Extension Form -   revised February 2015

Appeal Forms

Requestor Appeal Forms

Appeal Form - General  -   revised February 2015 

Appeal Form - Deemed Denied  -   

Agency Appeal Forms

Right-to-Know Sample Attestation of Nonexistence Form  -

      revised February 2015

Right-to-Know Sample Attestation that All Records Provided Form -

      revised February 2015

Right-to-Know Sample Request not Received Form -

     revised February 2015

Right-to-Know Sample Exemption Log Form -

     revised February 2015

Direct Interest Participants

Request to Participate as Direct Interest Party -

Informal Mediation Program

Informal Mediation Request Form  - 

Training Forms

Training Request Form  - 

Agency Open Records Officer Registration Forms

Agency Open Records Officer Registration Form  -

Enhanced Electronic Access Fee Application Forms

Enhanced Electronic Access Fee Application Form  -

Certified Copies of Records Form

Certification Form  -