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Registered Open Records Officers

Open Records Officers  - Local Agencies (Counties, Municipalities, Authorities, etc.)  - (Download PDF File) - 2.34 MB  Note: This file will be updated twice a week as registrations continue to be processed on an ongoing basis. 

Open Records Officers  - School Districts  - (Download PDF File) - 360 KB

Open Records Officers  - Higher Education  - (Download PDF File) - 10 KB

Commonwealth Agency Open Records Officers  - (Download PDF File ) - 228 KB

Open Records Officers - Rule 509 Administrators - (Download PDF File) - 208 KB

Open Records Officers - Legislative Officers - (Download PDF File) - 185 KB


To register an Agency Open Records Officer: Please complete the Agency Open Records Officer Registration form and submit the completed form to the Office of Open Records by e-mail, fax (717) 425-5343, or regular mail. 


When completing the form, please include the Agency Open Records Officer’s name, business address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and the name of the agency represented, including the department, if applicable.  In addition, please indicate whether the agency is in compliance with information posting requirements under the RTKL.

WARNING: Do not submit any questions and/or appeals information to the as that mailbox is not necessarily checked daily and could hinder response time to your submission.